An incredible night ...

... en el callejón del Swing con Sweet Daddy & The Rays! Las imágenes hablan por sí solas ... felicidades Scott, un gran comienzo!


  1. GENIAL, GENIAL, Menchu!! Un bonito recuerdo de una noche entrañable y divertida. Has hecho un buen trabajo!.

  2. Soy Scott. I can't believe how good you are to us! And I can't beleive how beautiful (and handsome) our fans are! WOW! It was all of a ceremony for to play foryou. We'll never forget it. Hope to doit again soon!
    A big hug and kiss from SD&tR!

  3. Shatt escribió ... I agree with you Carmen. I think it was a lovely night. I loved the concert. They played beautiful songs, great sound ... and good people, too. Scott was terrific!! His words came from the heart. Quite talented people. Keep me informed if they decide to play live again. I'd like to see them again. Thanks, Marilia.


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